Leadership and Our Team

We have a pretty simple recipe for cooking up a great staff:

  • One-third strategists
  • One-third digital marketers
  • One-third web designers

Can we brag a little? This is a top-notch in-house group of design and technology professionals. We all share a passion for creating functional and useful web sites and applications.

Our staff is locally based in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Our office space supports a great deal of activity. Each week developers meet with a group of their peers and review code for their projects. Designers share ideas and the latest in web design techniques. We also have numerous events for clients including supplemental training, learn @ lunch sessions and user group meetings.

Northwoods Web Solutions is closely held by three of its key leaders:

Patrick Bieser | Founder & CEO

Patrick Bieser

Patrick Bieser founded Northwoods Software Development in 1997. In addition to serving as president, Patrick oversees web strategy, Titan CMS product design, and software architecture decisions on major projects. Patrick is expert in the areas of content management, information architecture, co-branded web sites, and B2B web sites.

Rick Fessenbecker | Managing Director

Rick Fessenbecker

Rick Fessenbecker is a founding member of Northwoods Software. In addition to serving as a Managing Director, Rick oversees manufacturer website solutions and is a key contact for many of our manufacturing clients. Rick has been involved in website strategy and new customer acquisition for 15 years.

Fred Pike | Managing Director

Fred Pike

Fred Pike is the Managing Director/COO of Northwoods. He is particularly focused on SEO and conversions for Northwoods and client websites.

Northwoods Web Solutions Consulting Team

We attract the highest caliber technology and software programming professionals. Our team is 40-strong including strategists, digital marketers, programmers, project managers, technical gurus, design architects, web designers—all the specialists needed to execute a successful project.  What they all have in common is that they are bright, enthusiastic, energetic professionals who love what they do and were hand-picked to be part of the Northwoods team and culture.

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