Ann Junker

User Experience Designer & Front End Devloper

Ann Junker is an information architect, user experience designer and front-end developer with over 15 years of experience. She has been a part of the Titan CMS development team and works on variety of projects types, from Milwaukee Public Schools, Medical College of Wisconsin, and several Law and Financial Firms. She focuses on creating meaningful user interactions with affective branded visual design, and is Nielsen/Norman Group UX Certified. 

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ADA Compliance Checklist

Websites built with accessibility in mind often turn out to improve usability for everyone. Better usability enhances user experience, which builds brand loyalty and encourages conversions.
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Designing Your Website for Performance

The average website today is twice as large as it was three years ago.
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Information Architecture Basics

Information architecture is more than a site map. It involves content, grouping content in user-centric sections, and picking navigational structures that fit the needs of the user and the nature of the content.
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Put Content at the Forefront of Every Website Project

Content might be king, but it too often comes last in website redesigns and new builds. Since content drives so much user engagement, don’t treat it as an afterthought. Make it a major consideration from the very start. Treat it royally.
Blog Topics
  • Usability

Why is User Experience Important?

The term "User Experience" involves every aspect – practical, technical, perceptual and emotional – of every user interaction with a website. It encompasses how someone feels during and after visiting.
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