International & Multi-Language Websites

Multi-Language websites help you connect to customers around the world.

  • Translate your website into many languages
  • Manage your multi-lingual website in one CMS
  • Easily update your international websites

What should I consider?

International, multilingual website design is important for global manufacturers. Translating and managing multiple versions of your websites can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, Northwoods can help. When developing your international website, consider:

  • Which languages will you support?
  • How will you handle translations?
  • How will you update and maintain each website?

The Northwoods Solution

Whether you’re outsourcing your translations, or doing them in-house, with Northwoods, you can manage all your website in one central location. You can export existing content for translation and import the new translations, managing both versions of the content in one place.

Furthermore, Northwoods can help you set up a workflow for your translations. This workflow will help to ensure that your translations are published only once they have been reviewed by the appropriate people.

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