Intranets for Manufacturers

An intranet collects all company-related information in one place.

  • Stay connected with your employees
  • Provide consistent and up-to-date information
  • Improve productivity and save money

Help your employees become more productive.

Typically, Intranets offer basic information like an employee directory, HR forms and benefit information, and corporate news. Intranets for manufacturers include so much more:

  • Production Statistics
  • Financial Dashboards
  • Viewing Inventory Levels
  • Vacation Requests
  • Corporate News & Announcements
  • Documents, Drawings & Presentations
  • Estimate Documentation
  • Travel Planning
  • Timesheets
  • Procurement Requests
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Policies & Procedures

Design a successful intranet

We have designed and implemented many intranets, including the intranets for multiple large manufacturers. The key to a successful intranet is the design phase, where the architecture of the site is laid out. Our Manufacturing Solutions are based on Titan CMS, the Content Management System used by hundreds of manufacturers for their public websites, intranets, and extranets. Like the manufacturer's public website itself, TitanCMS allows an intranet to start off slowly, but has lots of room for growth.

Measure the success of your intranet

Once the intranet launches, watch how users interact with it. Use Google Analytics or a heatmap tool to see where users are clicking. Spending ten minutes to watch how somebody uses the intranet will give you insights you couldn't get any other way. This insight will give you the tools you need to expand your intranet and make it even more useful for your employees.

Expand your intranet

Here are some additional elements to consider adding when you build and expand your intranet:

Track new product development

An intranet can give you a place for anyone to submit new product ideas. These ideas can be sent directly to the product development department for approval, then on to engineering for design, and finally to production. An Intranet will help all users to know where the new product is in the development cycle.

Provide documentation in multiple languages for your international offices

An intranet is also important for Manufacturers that have multiple locations or have acquired new companies. The intranet gives every location access to the same corporate documents, and makes it easy for newly-acquired companies to integrate into the culture.

Provide your employees with all HR information at all times

Employees, whether they are on the shop floor, at a sales conference, or in the office can access important HR documentation anywhere when they are added to the intranet. Furthermore, an intranet can provide a place for all employees to submit HR documentation right to the correct department.

Building an Intranet for an Industrial Manufacturer: A Case Study

A large manufacturer needed a new intranet, a website limited to users inside the organization. The company turned to Northwoods, which had built the company’s public site, to design and implement its new intranet.

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