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Convert more users on your website through clean, clear and responsive design.

  • Engage your visitors with unique design elements
  • Make it easy and intuitive for users to find what they need
  • Convert your website visitors into customers

A good website design goes beyond "cool"

Your website should engage visitors, validate your brand and build credibility. But it is not enough to just build a website with the latest and greatest design trends. Your website design should work for your customers and potential users. Information architecture and design services provide your website with the look and feel, while also ensuring that your visitors will easily navigate through your site. The best designs have:

  • clear navigation
  • intuitive user experience
  • rich, authoritative content
  • memorable experience
  • obvious calls to action
  • great mobile experience

Eight Things to Consider Before Redesigning Your B2B Website

Redesigning your website? Here are eight things to consider before you start thinking about home page colors or font choices.

The Northwoods Process

Our team will assemble a plan with the right mix of research tools to inform the success of your project.


Create an intuative website content structure that will flow smoothly and simplify the user experience.

The sitemap will breakdown the silos of your organization, display where pages will be located, and highlight when the user will need the information.  Northwoods starts with a Content Inventory of your current website.  This process drives us from the sitemap to the actual user experience.

When a site is easy to use, it gets out of the way, freeing the user to focus on what they wish to achieve.

Northwoods takes a user-centered approach to organizing content and developing the website experience. Information Architecture is a crucial step in the devleopment of a website. It is both an art and a science, with the ultimate goal of providing the optimal responsive website experience.

Establish the look and feel of your website's content and messaging with extensive wireframes.

Wireframes act as blueprints to your website's design. They are where content, form and function come together. Wireframes give the general idea of how a page will be laid out. They help identify any early pitfalls regarding content, menus, videos and many other layout components.

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Fill in the blanks with actual content to show the viewer how the website will actually look onscreen.

Comps provide tangible concepts that allow deisgners, information architects and testers to identify design pitfalls that would deminish user experience before the site goes live. In conjunction with website functional specs and style guides, comps help to prevent any negative feedback or visitor reviews once your website goes live.

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