Tracking our past, present, and future


Northwoods Founded

In 1997, Northwoods Web Solutions (then Northwoods Software) was founded by a team of 12 colleagues. The group was led by Patrick Bieser, an accomplished professional in the web software space.


Titan CMS v1.0

After years of working with other content management systems, the team released their own software in 1999. Then called Northwoods CMS, this system became the foundation of today's Titan CMS.


Inc. 500 Award

In 2001, Northwoods was recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing small companies with its Inc. 500 award.


Best Places to Work Award

Northwoods employees have always enjoyed a casual atmosphere. This relaxed and inclusive culture was first publically recognized in 2003 when the organization won the Best Places to Work Award by the Milwaukee Business Journal.


New Location - Brown Deer, WI

After reaching 30 employees, it was clear the Northwoods team had outgrown their original office space in the basement of a bank. In 2004, the group relocated in to a new, larger office in Brown Deer.


Titan CMS v3.0

Titan CMS v3.0 was the team’s first foray in to modern web development as they rebuilt the software on a .Net infrastructure.


Titan CMS v4.0

Titan CMS v4.0 brought the program closer to what it is today. It was the first time Titan CMS was treated as a product with a common, untouched code base that was reliable to Northwoods developers to build upon.


First Titan Users Group Meeting

The first Titan Users Group (TUG) meeting was held in 2007 to help the Northwoods team gain a greater insight in to how users were using Titan CMS and what improvements users were seeking. TUG has been hosted at Northwoods every six months ever since.


First Web Design and Digital Marketing Workshops

The learning philosophy that has become a major facet of the culture of Northwoods was started during TUG, but grew to what it is today with the introduction of weekly digital marketing and web design workshops. While the workshops began with only President Patrick Bieser as the host, today, many Northwoods consultants take the stage to produce and teach the community and clients about a variety of topics.


Titan CMS v5.0

From Titan CMS v5.0 and v5.9, many of the features users are familiar with today were introduced, including data management and segmented search.


New Location - Shorewood, WI

After several years in Brown Deer, the expanding Northwoods team had outgrown their space once again. They moved to their current location in Shorewood in 2013.


Best Place to Work in 2017

Northwoods was once again awarded the Best Places to Work in Milwaukee award by the Milwaukee Business Journal in 2017, showcasing the family-friendly, informal culture appreciated by Northwoods employees.


Titan CMS v6.9.5

In February, Northwoods released Titan CMS Version 6.9.5, featuring the new ReFlex Theme and the Titan CMS Platform Installer, which is a foundational component of the next generation of Titan CMS. It promises to greatly simplify installations and upgrades.

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