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B2B Web Design Tips

Jason FrelichJason Frelich/Interactive Web Designer
January 11, 20163 min read

Everyone wants a trendy website, but never sacrifice utility to trendiness. A user-friendly, easy-to-navigate site is more likely to benefit your organization and end users in the long term. If your B2B website needs a face-lift, keep in mind these essential design features and how to use them.

1. First impressions – Since a strong design will help make a good first impression, place a high quality photo or background video that supports your message in the anchor position of your homepage. While huge “hero” images are certainly trendy right now, think it through. Make sure that an over-large image doesn’t confuse visitors and make it more difficult for them to act. 

2. User Experience – Design for mobile counts at least as much as design for desktops and laptops these days. Simple, consistent navigation elements both prevent clutter on smaller screens and improve user experience on larger devices. If you have a lot of long pages, consider a persistent top navigation bar, or “stick nav,” so users can easily move from one section of your site to another. Another bonus? A simple, clean user experience ensures quick loading.

3. Breadcrumbs – Users can get lost in large B2B sites. Breadcrumbs not only let visitors know where they are within the site and how they got there, they can also serve as secondary navigation and ease movement from page to page.


4. Call-to-action button – Strong conversions, or call-to-actions, are key for any effective B2B website. As you plan your sales funnel, apply contrasting colors to key conversion points to convert users.

5. Portfolio – Highlight your work and share your organization’s accomplishments in portfolios. Consider a lightbox or a jquery slider to show off work. Your portfolio will look great and be mobile-friendly, too.

6. Testimonials – You can brag about yourself on your website, but praise means so much more when it comes from outside your organization. If customers love you, publish their testimonials. They build trust with old clients and new visitors alike, and they drive conversions.

7. SEO – SEO seems to change every day, but basic SEO practices still boost conversions without slowing load time. So continue to optimize for mobile and write strong meta descriptions.

8. Content Creation – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Writing quality content will boost not only SEO rankings, but also conversions. A lively, informative blog on your website establishes thought leadership and increases interactions with end-users. 

9. Rich content – Quality written content is key, but multimedia content, such as a video library, can bring your site to the next level. If include videos on your site, embed them directly from YouTube. This ensures they’ll play as expected across devices.

Jason FrelichJason Frelich/Interactive Web Designer

Jason Frelich is an Interactive Web Designer with more than five years of Northwoods experience. Jason uses his design instincts to create beautiful, user-friendly websites for clients in a variety of industries, from Milwaukee Irish Fest to Vollrath Manufacturing, while ensuring functionality across all devices.

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Albert David

Amazing article Jason! Few honorary mentions - Love when a company has video explaining things rather than having to read through. Has more impact in my opinion. And so true with the breadcrumbs. Last one, testimonials - I go refer the authenticity t