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Google Analytics 101

Jenna DehnJenna Dehn/Digital Marketing Strategist
March 29, 20164 min read

Google Analytics provides you with a lot of information, but do you really know what it means? Understanding the terminology is important, but you also need to know what good data looks like. Our infographic will help you understand your website’s analytics, which will help drive your digital marketing strategy. Once you understand what your data is trying to tell you, set-up goals and start improving your online presence.

Google Analytics Infographic

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Jenna DehnJenna Dehn/Digital Marketing Strategist

Jenna Dehn is the WordPress Lead at Northwoods and manages projects all the way from sales to build. She creates responsive web designs that match the design aesthetic of the client. During each website build, Jenna makes sure to use current best practice techniques to create not only beautiful, but smart websites. Meeting with clients to understand their challenges and goals is an important part of Jenna’s role at Northwoods. She makes sure to design websites that addresses these challenges and provides clients with one-on-one training to empower users to easily maintain and manage their own websites.

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