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How to Skyrocket Your PPC Lead Gen

A Digital Marketing Agency Case Study

Barrett WainscottBarrett Wainscott/Digital Advertising Lead
April 16, 20193 min read

You want more leads and more website visitors while keeping your spend in check? Fine; so does everyone else.

How do you do it?

We need not merely assume or even demonstrate that digital advertising – also known as pay-per-click or PPC – can drive incredible lead generation. It’s an established fact.

So let’s move right on to incorporating digital advertising into your marketing mix. Should you keep your pay-per-click management in-house, bring on a new hire to focus on it, or hire a digital advertising agency to create your managed PPC campaigns?

Well, Northwoods is a digital marketing agency, so you know our answer. But our answer rests on more than self-interest, as shown in the case study below.

Why Strong Digital Marketing Agencies Make a Major Impact on PPC Lead Generation:

#1) Experience. We have millions of dollars in digital advertising spend under our belt, so we understand what strategies drive the best results for a given business situation. In-depth experience allows a well-versed digital agency to burst out of the gate and race to quick results. That’s better than waiting while interns learn PPC advertising and management on your dime.

#2) Expertise. Deep experience equals extensive expertise. We know exactly what levers to pull and when to pull them. An agency that grasps the full digital advertising landscape -- and PPC’s place within it -- has lots of case-study success stories to share.

#3) Synergy. A team of digital advertising experts deep in the trenches, working closely day in and day out on the same campaigns, can’t help but develop synergy. Multiple trained eyes, all focused on PPCs, landing pages and your most searched terms, will always outclass a standalone in-house PPC hire.

#4) Cost Effectiveness. A full team of expert digital advertisers at an agency almost always turns out to be more economical than hiring in-house individuals experienced enough to get the job done. With an agency, you need not assemble a team and get it up and running. An expert team is in place and productive from day one.

Case Study – Digital Marketing Agency - PPC Lead Generation

This study shows the results of an experienced team of digital advertisers at a Google Ads agency taking on the task of driving more website visitors and more conversions while keeping advertising spend in check.

Media: Google Paid Search, Bing Paid Search & Google Display Advertising

Client Type: B2C

Aug. 6th 2018 – Mar 31st 2019

Case Study – Description:

In the first eight months after taking over Client X’s Google and Bing PPC ads, we increased targeted website visitors from digital advertising by over 1,900% year over year.

Advertising spend increased 3.7%. The results so pleased the client company that it increased advertising spend through these channels in the beginning of 2019 and pulled back in other media, none of which generated comparable increases.

In addition, we were able to drive 160% more conversions – defined here as real, generated leads -- than the client’s prior PPC company. These leads come from website visitors who called, completed a contact form, or submitted an email via live chat.

Brand awareness and lead generation through digital advertising increased dramatically as a direct result of Northwoods’ digital marketing efforts, as shown in the year-over-year comparison in the graph below.

None of this rose from luck. Constant testing and optimizing of every segment within the campaign, in addition to incorporating Google display and remarketing into the mix, drove the success.

Test, Optimize, Test, Optimize, Rinse, and Repeat.

Interested in producing similar results for your business?

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Barrett WainscottBarrett Wainscott/Digital Advertising Lead

Barrett Wainscott has been actively managing paid media campaigns since 2011, and is certified in Google Ads, Bing Ads & Google Analytics. His passion lies in paid media, digital marketing and conversion optimization. Through data, testing and precise targeting - Barrett helps clients achieve their paid media objectives and take their digital marketing to the next level.

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