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Local SEO: Going Beyond Google with Apple Maps

Amanda KoehlerAmanda Koehler/Digital Marketing Lead
June 22, 20163 min read

So you have claimed your Google My Business address and optimized your listing for local search engine marketing.  Done with local SEO?  Think again.  To really optimize your business for local SEO, move beyond the usual search engines, such as Google and Bing, and check your listings on Apple devices.

iPhone users number 101 million. In the United States, 42% of all smart phones are iPhones.  Add iPad, MacBook, Apple Watches and other iOS devices, and you’re looking at one billion active Apple device users around the world.

Why does Apple iOS matter for local search? 

Searches on iOS devices differ from basic Google searches on a computer.

     1. Siri – Voice Search on iOS

A search for a local business with Siri returns Apple Maps results that have nothing to do with Google and, thus, pull no data from your Google My Business account.

     2. Spotlight Search – Swipe right on your iPhone

Swiping right on your phone prompts Apple’s Spotlight Search, which returns both Apple Maps and Bing search results.

What is Apple Maps and where is it getting map data?

Apple developed its default map system for all iOS, OS X and watchOS platforms.  iPhone users search via Apple Maps 3.5 times more often than they search with Google Maps, according to Horace Dediu’s estimates for Asymco.  

Apple Maps gets its basic mapping data from and

The reviews listed on Apple Maps come from Yelp.  The images shown on Apple Maps come from Yelp, Factual, Trip Advisor and Wikipedia. 

How do I optimize my Apple Maps listing?

Apple has made it easy to optimize and update Apple Maps listings. 

  1. Go to  Login with your Apple ID, or create one.

  2. Select your relationship with your business, either “I’m the business owner” or “I’m authorized by the business owner.”
  3. Enter your basic business details, including name, phone number and address.
  4. Verify your business phone number.  Apple will call that number and give you a PIN code.
  5. Once you have confirmed you are the business owner, you can add such information to your listing as category of business, hours, website, and social media accounts.

Once you have completed your listing with Apple, check your listings on Yelp, Factual, Trip Advisor and other directories.  These listings may impact your Apple Maps results. Accurate, up-to-date information across many local directories ensures that your customers will find you, no matter how they conduct their searches.

Amanda KoehlerAmanda Koehler/Digital Marketing Lead

Amanda Koehler is certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.  As our digital marketing lead, she focuses on creating marketing strategies for customers like Wildeck, Heartland Advisors,  Curative Care, Snap-on and many others. Through research and data analytics, Amanda helps clients meet their digital marketing goals.

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