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Northwoods New Year's Resolutions

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December 28, 20181 min read

As we turn to the calendar to 2019, some Northwoodians, like many people, are resolving to make improvements next year. 

  • Jenna Dehn Digital Marketing Strategist

    “My New Year's Resolution is to do more yoga and write a funny comic strip."

  • Ed Ahrenhoerster Production Director

    “Many years ago I made a New Year’s Resolution to never make a New Year’s Resolution. When I tell people this they figure I’m just being my usual snarky self. (Ok, yes, there’s a little of that.) But what I really resolved was, whenever I realized I needed to work on something (and heaven knows there are plenty of things), I would start working on it immediately. If I realize I have a flaw in August why would I want to intentionally live with that flaw for months before trying to fix it? I may fail – I often do – but at least I’ll try."

  • Dana Grennier Account Director

    “A few weeks ago, a client joking asked “Why am I here?” after having what appeared to be a challenging morning at work. I responded with “Like a ripple on a pond, the good you do in this world continues on in ways you do not know. Without you, all those positive things would cease to exist, changing the world as we know it.” The client stated the response made the day better. So, for 2019, I hope to continue to put good out into the world. We never know how our positive actions will change the world but they do in fact make a difference for years to come.”

  • Patrick Bieser President 

    “In 2019, I resolve to: put into practice the suggestions of "The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up," write ten blogs, record ten training videos, help organize a Scout Troop for girls, run 1,900 miles and not sign up for any marathons!" 

  • Tom Pappas Senior Manager, Business Development 

    “My New Year's Resolutions are to: be a better listener and less of a controller, spend less time on social media... or detach myself all together, read more books...actual books, and simplify and reduce obsessions." 

Happy New Year! 

Northwoods Web SolutionsNorthwoods Web Solutions/Digital Marketing, Websites, Custom Software, CMS

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