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About Northwoods...

Northwoods employs an in-house team of developers, designers, information architects, and account managers. We are not a staffing firm. No new cubicle every six months. No bench. You work with the same 40 really smart people day-to-day. They're (mostly) very friendly and they all like beer. Our work is never boring.


Travel is very limited and 98% in SE Wisconsin. We offer great benefits including 401(k) and great salaries.   We offer health, dental, long term, and short term disability insurance, paid vacation, no limit on health days, paid holidays, paid maternity/paternity leave, and free lunch on occasion. Northwoods is an Equal Opportunity employer.

Our Culture…

Smart people doing innovative things with interesting technology – that’s what Northwoods is all about.

With a relaxed environment, fresh hot popcorn, and the obligatory ping pong and foosball tables, we enjoy the amenities expected from a cutting-edge tech company. But that’s not what makes us love our jobs – it’s the people and the work that makes Northwoods great:

  • We learn something new each day. From Fortune 500 companies to industrial manufacturers to local non-profits, we work on a wide variety of projects. The diversity of our client pool and our commitment to forward-looking technologies and strategies means we’re constantly engaged and learning new things.
  • We trust and value each other. Ego has no place at Northwoods (our president sits in a cubicle like the rest of us), and we don’t focus on titles. When any one of us has an idea, solution, or criticism, we know we can voice it openly and honestly – and we listen respectfully when our colleagues do the same.
  • We hire people, not skillsets. We don’t just find people familiar with specific tools or technologies; we look for motivated self-starters who know how to learn and are eager to grow. We hire the best and brightest – leaders, team players, and creative problem solvers – and give everyone the opportunity to make the most of their unique talents.
  • Our families come first. We have a strong work ethic and commitment to our clients, but we also have busy lives. Sometimes we work from home, sometimes we choose to work odd hours, and sometimes we bring our kids or dogs (or both!) into the office. Each of us gets to decide for ourselves what the ideal work-life balance looks like.
  • We each grow in our own way. As our interests change and career goals evolve, so do our roles with our clients and within the company. We all find new boundaries to push; Northwoods gives each of us the latitude and freedom to pursue our passions and create our own career story.

We’re all driven to constantly do our best – and Northwoods provides an environment that allows us all to do exactly that.

It’s not just a career, it’s a lifestyle.

Responsibilities and Skill Areas

  • Web Consulting, Business Analysis, and Digital Strategies (20-30% of your time)
    • Meet with clients and understand their challenges and goals
    • Provide business consulting, web consulting, and web marketing strategies
    • Develop and present Digital Strategies
    • Work with BDMs, sales engineers, and executives to create proposals and estimates for:
      • Digital Reviews & Strategies
      • Design services
      • Interactive services
      • Web Analytics consulting
      • SEO consulting
      • Usability testing
      • Software engineering
      • Hosting
      • Training
    • Define scope and deliverables for projects in collaboration with team members
    • Learn and share with team members at Northwoods
  • Information Architecture & User Experience Design (20-30% of your time)
    • Lead the creation of content inventories, sitemaps, taxonomies, and content strategies
    • Lead the creation of wireframes
    • Guide the creative team to ensure proper execution of wireframes into comps / cutups
    • Create creative briefs, personas, and guide usability testing
  • Project Management (20-30% of your time)
    • Ensure projects are running smoothly
    • Manage budget and client expectations
    • Communicate regularly with clients
    • Work with Account Coordinators to complete routine PM tasks
    • Create written specifications addressing features, requirements, scope, and risks
    • Create project plans of varying detail and complexity
    • Proactively identify issues and resolve them before they become problems
    • Work with scheduling staff to secure resources for projects
  • Account Management (10% of your time)
    • Find ways to grow business with existing clients
    • Prepare and review proposals, pitches, and presentations
    • Alert sales management to accounts that need attention
    • Occasionally help sell to new prospects
    • Prioritize time spent on existing clients according to revenue potential.
  • General (5-10%)
    • Perform Titan demos for clients and prospects
    • Engage in ongoing training, learning, and reading
    • Attend internal meetings
    • Assist sales and marketing teams in developing needed content and new strategies
  • User Training and Support (5-10%)
    • Teach Titan training classes from time to time at all levels (to keep fresh on Titan)
    • Provide client support from time to time
  • Technical Skills (not a requirement, but skills in more than one area is a major plus)
    • HTML, CSS, Javascript, .Net development
    • Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
    • Balsamiq Mockup
    • Visio, Powerpoint, Keynote, Notepad++

For big accounts, Account Directors may be asked to focus on one role for a period of time.

Account Coordinators work under Account Directors and assist them with all responsibilities. Account Coordinators who develop their skills can become Account Directors or take on other roles.

Account Directors don’t have to be gurus in all skill areas, but it does help to be smart and deeply enjoy continuous learning.


  • Understand web design concepts and best practices
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Skills in Microsoft Office, .Net
  • Understanding of software engineering processes and lingo
  • Understanding of interactive design processes and lingo
  • Comfortable providing product demonstrations and services consulting
  • Enjoy begin a part of a sales team
  • Strong business analysis skills
  • Strong full lifecycle project management skills

Background and Values

  • You may have been a programmer, engineer, or designer at one point in your career
  • You know that family comes first and want to work with like-minded people
  • We don’t like cowboys.  We like team players.  Egos are encouraged to work for competitors.


  • Account Directors are expected to bill about 70% of their time.

The First Three Months

  • Learn all about Northwoods
  • Work alongside existing Account Director staff and learn the ropes
  • Listen a lot
  • Learn our wireframing tools
  • Attend Titan training classes
  • Learn our time tracking, estimating systems
  • Review existing proposals, SRS document, wireframes, and comps
  • Tour client websites to understand features and selling points
  • Attend Northwoods workshops on Writing, Intranets, Manufacturing, Non-profits
  • Attend weekly creative “show and tell” sessions
  • Enjoy some popcorn
  • Get assigned to your first client accounts, meet the client, begin contributing

Knowledge and Experience:

  • BA or BS in Marketing, Business Administration, Journalism, English, Communications, Art, Computer Science or a related field.
  • 7-10 (or more) years of experience of web experience – preferably in the B2B marketplace
  • Agency Experience is a plus
  • Proficient with Microsoft Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

What do we do?

We build large web sites, develop content management products, design stunning B2 B web sites, obsess over usability and findability, and engineer half-million-dollar software systems.

Northwoods creates enterprise class web sites using our in-house team of developers, designers, information architects and project managers. We are not a staffing firm. No new cubicle every six months. No bench. You work with the same 30 really smart people day-to-day. They're (mostly) very friendly and they all like beer. Our work is never boring.
There are three things that make us better that our competitors.

  • Interactive designers and front end developers who focuses on usability
  • Software engineers who can build anything
  • Our own enterprise Content Management System – Titan CMS

The Benefits...

Travel is very limited and 98% in SE Wisconsin. We offer great benefits including 401(k) and competitive salaries. Northwoods is an Equal Opportunity employer.

How to Apply...

If it looks like Northwoods might be the right place for you, please e-mail your resume and whatever else you want us to know about you to: resume@northwoodsoft.com. Put Account Director in the subject line.

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