Business Development Manager

If you’re a talented sales professional who wants career advancement, enjoys consultative selling, creative problem solving, and is eager to establish new and lasting relationships with complete strangers, we’d love to have you join our team. We’re growing fast, and we need help!
Northwoods designs and builds large interactive websites, many of which are built on our own Enterprise Content Management System – Titan CMS. We also design and build complex software applications – some that stand alone and some that plug into our Titan CMS sites.
The sales team at Northwoods has established a marquee list of over 400 clients over the past 15 years. Our team is among the best in the state, we’ve sustained a reputation for excellence, and provide creative solutions that our clients love.

Your Job Requirements

  • You love the challenge of finding the right people to talk to and you know how to quickly develop a meaningful relationship with new contacts.
  • You are curious about how things work and how things can work better.
  • 3+ years of selling web design and/or programming services to businesses.
  • You understand web technologies, creative design process, online marketing and business solutions.
  • We sell in a team environment so you need to be creative and collaborative as we develop and present solutions to our clients.
  • You are proficient with Microsoft Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • You are not easily discouraged and look forward to a challenge.

Your Background and Values

  • You tend to learn new stuff on your own, often before everyone else.
  • You’re not afraid to go into the boss’s office, and share your ideas for improvements. But, you’re also pragmatic enough to not share every hare brained scheme that pops into your head. (That’s the boss’s prerogative.)
  • You believe that your family comes first and want to work with like-minded people.
  • You enjoy working in a fast paced, evolving & dynamic environment.
  • You have been successful in attracting and developing new accounts.
  • You have been required to write proposals and you actually like that part of the job.
  • You are well organized and can easily manage conflicting demands on your time.

The First Three Months

  • Learn all about Northwoods. (Figure out where the bathrooms are and where to put your lunch.)
  • Listen a lot.
  • Get to know Mary.
  • Attend Northwoods workshops on Titan CMS, Writing, Intranets, Manufacturing, Non-profits, Online Product Catalogs.
  • Develop a target list of prospects based on a vertical market that we are developing.
  • Contact your target list and promote Northwoods workshops and offerings.
  • Participate in a sales effort including proposal writing and presentation.
  • Enjoy some popcorn.

Your Ongoing Duties

The amount of time spent on each will vary from day to day.

  • Promote and serve as the Northwoods ambassador at ongoing workshops.
  • Make contact with all workshop attendees to assess their interest in Northwoods services.
  • Handle new prospects as generated by our marketing efforts.
  • Follow up on prospects until successful conclusion of the sales process.
  • Participate in hand-off of new clients to our Account Director Team.
  • Work with marketing on seeking new prospect opportunities
  • Assess the needs and interest in Northwoods services generated through all marketing efforts

About Northwoods...

Northwoods employs an in-house team of developers, designers, information architects, and account managers. We are not a staffing firm. No new cubicle every six months. No bench. You work with the same 40 really smart people day-to-day. They're (mostly) very friendly and they all like beer. Our work is never boring.


Travel is very limited and 98% in SE Wisconsin. We offer great benefits including 401(k) and great salaries.   We offer health, dental, long term, and short term disability insurance, paid vacation, no limit on health days, paid holidays, paid maternity/paternity leave, and free lunch on occasion. Northwoods is an Equal Opportunity employer.

Our Culture…

Smart people doing innovative things with interesting technology – that’s what Northwoods is all about.

With a relaxed environment, fresh hot popcorn, and the obligatory ping pong and foosball tables, we enjoy the amenities expected from a cutting-edge tech company. But that’s not what makes us love our jobs – it’s the people and the work that makes Northwoods great:

  • We learn something new each day. From Fortune 500 companies to industrial manufacturers to local non-profits, we work on a wide variety of projects. The diversity of our client pool and our commitment to forward-looking technologies and strategies means we’re constantly engaged and learning new things.
  • We trust and value each other. Ego has no place at Northwoods (our president sits in a cubicle like the rest of us), and we don’t focus on titles. When any one of us has an idea, solution, or criticism, we know we can voice it openly and honestly – and we listen respectfully when our colleagues do the same.
  • We hire people, not skillsets. We don’t just find people familiar with specific tools or technologies; we look for motivated self-starters who know how to learn and are eager to grow. We hire the best and brightest – leaders, team players, and creative problem solvers – and give everyone the opportunity to make the most of their unique talents.
  • Our families come first. We have a strong work ethic and commitment to our clients, but we also have busy lives. Sometimes we work from home, sometimes we choose to work odd hours, and sometimes we bring our kids or dogs (or both!) into the office. Each of us gets to decide for ourselves what the ideal work-life balance looks like.
  • We each grow in our own way. As our interests change and career goals evolve, so do our roles with our clients and within the company. We all find new boundaries to push; Northwoods gives each of us the latitude and freedom to pursue our passions and create our own career story.

We’re all driven to constantly do our best – and Northwoods provides an environment that allows us all to do exactly that.

It’s not just a career, it’s a lifestyle.

How To Apply...

Apply with us! If it looks like Northwoods might be the right place for you, please apply. Your first mission, if you accept our challenge, is to make contact with the Managing Director who leads our sales team and send him your resume. We want to assess how good you are at penetrating an organization.

Ready to Learn More?

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