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A beautiful, user-friendly website usually requires a time and budgetary investment. Making the investment without plans to measure success doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Analytics shed light on how visitors use a site, offering valuable insights into the strengths (and weaknesses) of online marketing strategies. For example, while traffic numbers are an important metric, specific goals, like sales or form competitions, are more important. After all, what good is traffic if no one is buying what you sell? Studying goals provides the information necessary to integrate successful tactics to other pages on your site. 

Cost Effective

Google Analytics, providing rich, useful data about site visitors, is free to install on a website. However, it requires expertise to effectively measure an organization’s unique goals. At Northwoods, we install and configure GA to monitor specific targets. 

Focus on Your Bottom Line

A successful website provides organizations with the conversions needed to increase the bottom line. Our analytics services examine specific metrics, including landing pages, time on site, organic queries and more to provide tangible evidence your organization is meeting its goals.

Northwoods Analytics Services

Our Google-certified team dives into existing data to deliver:

  • Deep Dive: An in-depth analysis, clarifying how users use your site and interact with your content
  • Goals: We analyze your site goals and tie them to your organization’s specific marketing KPIs. If you don’t have goals set up, we will recommend goals for your site and configure them appropriately.
  • Advanced Analysis: Our experts analyze (or set up) advanced analytics metrics, including segmentation and technical SEO, painting a complete picture of a site’s user experience.
  • Google Tag Manager: Google’s Tag Manager tracks specific actions users take on a site, like downloading a PDF or accessing a form. Our staff analyzes tag manager results. We can also set up and configure tag manager, so you can track specific, measurable goals.
  • Regular Monitoring: Our monitoring services analyze site traffic fluctuations regularly. During each meeting, our staff provides recommendations aimed at improving traffic and remediating weaknesses.
  • Training: During your customized training, our staff will help you understand the Google Analytics interface, identify the most important tools and report, and review goals and conversion paths.
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