Usability Testing

Even if you think your website is successful, it can be difficult to view it from the user perspective. How do you know they’re navigating through your site the way you intended?

Usability testing can help, analyzing your site’s design and content, locating issues preventing users from meeting your goals. By providing direct data on how actual users interact with your digital collateral, usability testing eliminates guesswork. 

Understanding User Experience

Usability testing examines key pain points facing your visitors. Understanding where issues are helps address the problems preventing conversions.  

Data for Development

If you’re thinking about a site redesign, usability testing provides the data necessary to convince key stakeholders how your organization is missing on conversion opportunities.

Northwoods Usability Testing Services

Our usability services deliver:

  • Testing consultation: We meet with you to determine what to test and how to test it, from heat maps to user interviews.
  • Testing executing and recording: Northwoods’ usability experts will conduct tests and record the results.
  • Result Analysis: We analyze the test results, looking for ways to boost conversions and usability.
  • Presentation of Findings: We’ll present our findings and recommendations to key stakeholders in your organization, highlighting recommendations and next steps.

Our experts use a variety of testing methods, including heat maps, mouse flow videos, and task-based-testing, among others. Northwoods will work with you to select the method appropriate for your circumstances. 

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