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What Makes a Manufacturer Website Different?

B2B industrial websites face specific challenges: Organizing mountains of data, explaining highly technical specifications, promoting customer awareness while maintaining good dealer relations, creating SEO-friendly taxonomies, and building brand image in ways that differ significantly from the B2C sector. Meeting these and other complex and subtle objectives can be a daunting task.

We at Northwoods thrive on the challenges involved in building B2B manufacturer sites. We’ve built them for over 20 years – they’re a specialty of the house. If you make things, we get you.


B2B Is Still B2People

Regardless of your product or service, your manufacturer website must be designed to optimize user experience and accessibility. Users must be able to navigate through large amounts of data quickly and easily to find what they seek. We keep your visitors top-of-mind throughout the design process. We organize technical information logically, so users interact with your site intuitively.

From online catalogs to product information systems (PIMs), we offer many solutions to help users navigate your content. For some clients, we’ve even taken the online catalog to a whole new level, combining every piece of content that users need into one organized database. See how we helped Server Products improve its catalog.


Marketing for Manufacturing - Beyond Trade Shows

Some manufacturers still shy away from digital marketing. We can help them catch up with the times. Whether you sell gaskets, machine tools, food handling equipment or, for that matter, haircuts, your business will benefit from digital marketing. It’s all about tracking the data. Digital marketing tells you, at a granular level, exactly how users interact with your content on and off your website. You can use that information not only in marketing, but also in broader decision-making. Digital marketing can objectively guide your answer to the most venerable and crucial question in manufacturing: If I build it, will they buy it?

We can bake our collaborative digital marketing services into your website, to help you identify, engage and finally convert your specific target audience.


Product Page Design & Online Catalogs

The success of a product catalog depends on the product-detail page.

Business Portals for Manufacturers

Well-organized information makes it easy for employees to find what they need.


Dealer Finders

Incorporate flexible and robust rep locators for dealers, distributors, field service and office locations within your site.


Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

Reach and engage with a highly-targeted audience through digital marketing solutions.


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