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Dealer Finders

Help your customers reach you around the world with a customized dealer finder.


Types of Locators

Your website should make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find you or your distributors. One simple way of aiding that process is to create a dealer locator or location finder. When designed correctly, these web features guide customers based on customer needs and/or location. This software can be used in several different ways.


Location Finder


Location Finder


Make it easy for users to identify nearby locations.

Global Map and Location


Plot out your global locations in an easily searchable format. 

Global Map and Location

Distributor or Sales Rep Finder


Distributor or Sales Rep Locator

Help users identify the distributor or sales rep that meets their needs.

Narrowing down your audience


Creating your own locator with Titan CMS is easy. Our tagging feature allows visitors to search for many factors, such as state, country and location type.

Search an area as small as one mile or as large as 2,000. If proximity drives your dealer sales, use a Google Map Mash-up. This integrates mapping and contact information with nearby locations, which is especially helpful if you have many facilities in the same area.

Narrowing Down your Audience

International Capabilities


International Capabilities

No translating here. Our distributor locator software can be configured to show results in many common languages. The same goes for miles vs. kilometers. Titan CMS can adapt.

Creating Rules


You can create rules within the dealer locator software to highlight a chosen distributor. You can also create rules to randomize results and thus treat every dealer equally.

Creating Rules

Elements of a Good Locator

The customer who uses a dealer locator is ready to do business. Don’t complicate the process. Avoid the irony of making your locator hard to locate.  Make it impossible to miss on your home page.

You’ve already persuaded this customer; no need for information overload.  Stick to the necessary location and contact data, such as name, email address, phone number, and address. Simple stuff, but double-check it.

Invest in dealer locator software that can handle the complex data transfers locators require, but is easy to manage on your end. With Titan CMS, you can easily create a searchable locator that utilizes tagging to funnel clients to the correct location. It streamlines your sales process.

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