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Keyword Research



Every facet of digital marketing begins with research. From search engine optimization to social media hashtags, keywords are crucial to almost every type of digital marketing service. You need to know how certain keywords – generally, long-tail series of words that search engines read as a single term – influence your ranking on search engine results pages.

Start by identifying relevant keywords. To learn more about keyword research, take a look at the Northwoods research process.

Once you have identified the keywords that boost your rank, and once you have created a list of ideal keyword rankings, see what your competitors are up to. We can help your manufacturing marketing team thoroughly audit not only your own digital marketing strategy, but also the strategies of your competitors. Knowledge of your competitors’ keywords and their rankings can help you overtake them in Google search results. This is just one way to use digital marketing services to edge ahead of the competition.

Personas and Customer Journeys


As an industrial marketer, you have an idea of who your target audience is. But how clear and specific is that idea? What communication channels do they prefer? What stresses do they face at work? How can you reach them and what can you do to relieve that stress?

A persona, or customer profile, involves more than basic demographic information. Interviews and focus groups with current and -- if possible -- former customers enable you to see past the obvious and understand what they really need from you.

Gather information for each of your target audiences, then develop personas for those audiences. Personas can be useful in a variety of website development and digital marketing services, such as:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • User Experience Design
  • SEM Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation

Some industrial manufacturers may need to develop two personas. Others might need 20. The exercise of identifying how many you need can be profoundly informative. The process tells you whom to address and how to segment your audience. Know all that and you can devise better tracking methods and conversion strategies. You can target goals to specific personas and target content at different phases in the customer journey. The first step is identifying users to interview.

Marketing Persona



Content Marketing


Once you succeed in attracting visitors to your site, what will they find? Nothing much? That would be bad.

Once your research is done, the temptation is to set up your social media pages, stick a few extra keywords onto your existing pages and call it a day. Resist that temptation. Succumbing leads to irrelevance and sinking search engine rankings.

Manufacturers, give your visitors a content library with valuable and regularly updated videos, white papers, PDFs, blogs and more. Content is the base of all your digital marketing efforts. Make a strong content strategy a high priority. Put it in place early in the game.

Social Media


Many industrial manufacturers assume LinkedIn to be the only social media channel that applies to them. Wrong.

Many social platforms provide value for manufacturers. So don’t assume; regardless of your industry, research the social platforms and decide which are right for your organization.

LinkedIn is an obvious choice when sharing company news or industry updates, but Twitter is also a great channel, if the goal is to position the brand as an industry leader. Instagram is ideal to highlight organizational culture, which can figure in recruitment. Facebook’s many targeting options make it easy to reach your specific audience(s).

A Northwoods social media audit will help you define your audience and goals and help you decide on a strategy that works for you.


Search Engine Optimization


What good is your new website if no one visits it? All the time and money you’ve invested in your site will go to waste if it fails to get more leads and grow your organization.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website search engine friendly, so it appears in Google, Bing, and Yahoo results when users search keywords related to your organization or products.

Every page on your site, from the home page down to the individual product detail pages, can be optimized for SEO. Our team of experts have helped hundreds of manufacturers to rank for the keywords most relevant to their brands.

Read more about how Northwoods can improve your manufacturer website’s SEO.


Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns


The most successful manufacturing marketing efforts integrate all the parts into a single, overarching digital strategy. Your social media efforts should highlight your blog (and all content marketing), which is full of keywords that help your SEO. Your PPC campaign should link to your keyword-laden landing page, which is also organically attracting users through SEO. When done correctly, each piece meshes like the gears in a precision machine.

Ready to start? Take a deep dive into drawing up your Manufacturing Digital Marketing Blueprint.


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