Amanda Aalpoel

Full Stack Developer

Amanda Aalpoel

Amanda is a full stack developer and analyst with a talent for improving interface designs as well as navigating the complexities of business intelligence reporting processes and simplifying web interfaces for both usability and mobile functionality. She has applied these principles to SharePoint intranets and public websites alike.

Integrating OneDrive and Teams

April 18, 2019

Office365 continues to drive companies to push their data to the cloud. But with every application, there are different capabilities and integrations. Between OneDrive and SharePoint, how do you know which one do you use?

Single Sign-On with SAML

March 21, 2019

Single sign-on (also known as SSO) allows a user to authenticate to a website with an account from a trusted identity provider, such as a Google, Microsoft, or Facebook. Learn more about SSO and how it can benefit your business.

The California Consumer Privacy Act

February 05, 2019

Wondering how your business should prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act? Find out how to ensure you remain in compliance.

How To Improve Internal Search On Your Website

January 31, 2019

Site search on a website can improve usability and make it easier to for your visitors to find exactly what they're looking for. Learn how to improve site search on your site.

The Problem with Nested Folders and Sites on SharePoint

September 05, 2018

Resist the temptation to misuse sub-sites in SharePoint. There are more efficient ways to structure site content without creating complicated nested information.

Three Tips for Improving SharePoint Online Performance

July 23, 2018

Microsoft offers SharePoint developers an abundance of tools and many ways to solve any given problem, and that’s fine. But without proper understanding of those means and options and of their implications for your business needs, you can get into trouble. These tips can help you stay out of trouble and give your end users the best possible experience as they work in SharePoint.

Five Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making in SharePoint

April 19, 2018

SharePoint’s extensive feature library can be overwhelming, and users often get entangled in the features that Microsoft continuously deploys and deprecates. If SharePoint is to add value to a company, users must understand the environment and its capabilities. Let us walk you through the most common SharePoint mistakes.

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