Amanda Koehler

Digital Marketing Lead

Amanda Koehler

Amanda Koehler is certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.  As our digital marketing lead, she focuses on creating marketing strategies for customers like Wildeck, Heartland Advisors,  Curative Care, Snap-on and many others. Through research and data analytics, Amanda helps clients meet their digital marketing goals.

COVID-19 and Digital Marketing: Changing Your Strategy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

March 24, 2020

Coronavirus disease, known as COVID-19, has affected many businesses, large and small. As a web development and digital marketing agency, here at Northwoods we are seeing how COVID-19 is changing the way people are approaching their digital marketing strategy.

Using Data Visualization to Analyze Your Digital Marketing Results

January 08, 2020

Today’s digital marketers must absorb tidal waves of data. But where does a marketer begin? Data visualization. Here’s how to get started with data visualization for your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends, News, and Updates: December 2019

December 19, 2019

Last month we shared the third installment in our new digital marketing trends series, highlighting the latest news and updates for November 2019. Our newest post focuses on the changes we’ve been tracking this month and the trends and features we’re keeping an eye on in December.

SEO in 2020: My Resolution to Break the Silos of Paid and Organic

December 10, 2019

2020 is the year of unification. All SEO and PPC strategists should work together to deliver the best results for their clients and help them to spend their money more wisely. Here’s how to approach Search Engine Optimization from all sides.

Digital Marketing Trends, News, and Updates: November 2019

November 18, 2019

Last month we shared the third installment in our new digital marketing trends series, highlighting the latest news and updates for October 2019. Our newest post focuses on the changes we’ve been tracking this month and the trends and features we’re keeping an eye on in November.

Voice Search for Manufacturers

November 04, 2019

Everyone talks about voice search these days. However, some marketers in manufacturing wonder whether voice search even applies in their business sector. The short answer: Yes. Learn why voice search matters in manufacturing and how to optimize your content for the best results.

Digital Marketing Trends, News, and Updates: October 2019

October 14, 2019

Last month we shared the second installment in our new digital marketing trends series, highlighting the latest news and updates for September 2019. Our newest post focuses on the changes we’ve been tracking this month and the trends and features we’re keeping an eye on in October.

Why Is My Google Analytics Inaccurate?

September 10, 2019

Google Analytics yields an abundance of rich, actionable data that can guide an organization's entire digital strategy. However, it turns out that numbers can lie. Learn how to identify these 5 common inaccuracies in your Google Analytics data.

What is the Zero Position?

August 19, 2019

Get started with a Zero Position SEO strategy and outrank the competition.

Use Google Merchant Center and Google Manufacturer Center to Get Your Products Found

April 30, 2019

Google provides two tools that can boost your products’ SEO: Google Merchant Center and Google Manufacturer Center. But, how can these tools improve product SEO? Read on.

SEO, PPC and Content Marketing

March 04, 2019

Use insights from your PPC campaign to boost your SEO and content marketing efforts for a truly robust digital marketing strategy.

What is And Why Do I Care?

February 13, 2019

You've probably seen markup and have never realized it. Find out how you can use this powerful tool on your site to improve SEO.

SEO Strategy in 2019: Do Meta Descriptions Have a Place in It?

January 24, 2019

It's 2019. If you're still spending hours writing meta descriptions for every page on your website, you're doing something wrong. Find out what role meta descriptions should play in your overall SEO strategy.

Search Intent: What it is and How to Leverage it in Your SEO Strategy

December 10, 2018

Understand the intent of your users' queries and help it guide your content development. Learn how to incorporate search intent into your SEO strategy.

Manufacturing Website Design & WordPress

February 14, 2018

All too often, people choose WordPress too quickly and too thoughtlessly. Managers should carefully consider their company’s needs before settling on any platform for a manufacturing website.

XML Sitemaps: How important are They?

November 28, 2017

The XMLS sitemap is one of the many tools in the SEO toolbox. But what exactly are they? What does Google do with them? What should you include in them?

Securing Your Site with HTTPS

October 24, 2017

Browsers have recently raised the visibility of websites' security status. But soon, they'll be kicking it up a notch, and users will quickly become wary of providing contact information on sites labeled "non secure." Switching carefully to HTTPS can help.

SEO for Manufacturers

September 27, 2017

Search Engine Optimization is a standard practice in the business-to-consumer sphere, but when embarking on a website redesign, or just tweaking an existing site, manufacturers also need to think about their SEO strategy.

Metadata: The Secret Sauce in SEO

July 20, 2017

Compelling meta descriptions can increase clickthrough rates, boost your SEO efforts, and enhance your digital marketing strategy.

Beginner's Guide to Link Building

June 21, 2017

Many SEO experts now have declared link building a shadowy practice to be avoided and hesitate to include it in search strategy. We think that link-building, though more complicated today, remains a worthwhile.

PPC Campaign Management

March 24, 2017

You’ve set up your AdWords Account, conducted keyword research, set your budget, wrote your ads and started your campaign.  Now what?  Learn how to you manage your PPC campaign with three steps.

Seven Tips to Boost Local SEO

February 13, 2017

Location is as important in SEO as it is in real estate. Find out how to optimize your site for local search.

Top SEO Trends of 2017

December 12, 2016

To stay ahead or get ahead in 2017, you must know how search engines will change in the new year, adjust your SEO strategy accordingly, and do that before the competition catches on or catches up.

The First Five Google Analytics Reports Every Online Marketer Should Use

November 08, 2016

Google Analytics is a powerful and essential tool. Making the most of it takes time and experience. Developing an understanding of Google Analytics will help you demonstrate your department's ROI to top executives.

B2B SEO: Generate More Leads

September 29, 2016

B2B websites are all about lead generation. Therefore, your SEO effort should focus on generating more leads. How do you carry out a B2B SEO strategy with this goal in mind? Our 5 steps will get you started.

Helping Customers Find Your Products - SEO for Manufacturing Catalogs

August 03, 2016

Product pages are the most important pages for a B2B manufacturing website. It should draw in customers who’ve never heard of your company as they search for the sorts of products and services you provide.

Local SEO: Going Beyond Google with Apple Maps

June 22, 2016

Claiming your Google My Business address and optimizing your listing for local search engine marketing is a good start at tackling local SEO, but there is more you can do. Learn how to update your listings on Apple devices.

Google AMP and Your Website

March 11, 2016

Google recently launched their long-anticipated Accelerated Mobile Project (AMP). Find out exactly what this means and how AMP will affect the realm of digital marketing.

Use Schema to Take Your SEO Strategy to the Next Level

January 14, 2016

Incorporate schema, or structured data, to improve your SEO strategy. Regardless of the purpose of your website, schema will enhance your search results.

Google Analytics How-To: Content Groupings

September 22, 2015

If you're struggling to measure the impact of your content marketing efforts, Google Analytics Content Groupings can help. Learn how to use groupings to measure your success.

Google Analytics How-To: Setting Up Your Digital Marketing Dashboards

July 23, 2015

Using Google Analytics dashboards will let you get the data you need at a single glance. Learn about setting up a custom dashboard for your site.

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