Chris Wilson

Senior Software Architect

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is a senior software architect and developer. He’s particularly interested in helping clients gain efficiency and improve security through cloud-based solutions. His client portfolio ranges from startups like to major enterprises like ManpowerGroup to non-profits and public agencies like Milwaukee Public Schools.

Considering a Reverse Proxy Solution? Our Cloudfare Experiment Could Help You Decide

September 30, 2019

A reverse proxy is a wall between your end-users and your web server. Reverse proxies offer significant benefits, but also come with risks and overhead. Read on to learn about our Cloudfare experiment and how it can help you decide if a reverse proxy is right for your organization.

Five is Better Than One: Five Key Systems for an Integrated B2B E-Commerce Solution

January 08, 2019

Struggling to develop a B2B e-commerce solution that works for you? Here are five tips you can use to develop a successful, robust e-commerce system for your B2B company.

Securing Your Site with HTTPS

October 24, 2017

Browsers have recently raised the visibility of websites' security status. But soon, they'll be kicking it up a notch, and users will quickly become wary of providing contact information on sites labeled "non secure." Switching carefully to HTTPS can help.

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