Sydney Shimko

Front End Developer

Sydney Shimko

Sydney Shimko is a senior member of the Front-End team and Accessibility Practice Lead at Northwoods. She combines the aesthetics of thoughtful design with semantic, responsive code. She strives to provide the best solutions for client projects, negotiating rapid change in the field of Front-End development and ensuring functionality across an ever-growing variety of devices and new technologies.

Improve Website Performance with Page Speed Insights from Google Lighthouse

June 06, 2019

In November of 2018, Google announced that Lighthouse would drive PageSpeed Insights. Faster interaction times can improve your site ROI. Read on to learn how site audits can be helpful tools for exposing glaring content errors and highlighting opportunities to maximize your site's performance.

WordPress Accessibility and ADA Compliance

April 11, 2019

Adherence to website accessibility standards can improve usability for everyone, enhance user experience, build brand loyalty and encourage conversions. Read on to make your WordPress website accessible and ADA Section 508 compliant.

Website Accessibility Tools You Can Use

March 12, 2019

Website accessibility testing uncovers non-compliance issues with your organization’s website accessibility standards. Although there are automated tools available to help with accessibility testing, they cannot replace human judgment.

Social Media and Accessibility

February 07, 2019

Website accessibility is important, but making your social media content accessible to all users is also important. Find out how to make sure your content effectively reaches everyone.

Website Accessibility Standards For The New Year

January 10, 2019

Review the 2019 guidelines that will help you build a more ADA Accessible website.

Website Accessibility and You: An ADA Compliant Website Checklist

January 08, 2019

Websites built with accessibility in mind often turn out to improve usability for everyone. Better usability enhances user experience, which builds brand loyalty and encourages conversions.

Optimizing Image Sizes On Your Website

June 11, 2018

Choosing the perfect images for your website is half the battle. The other half involves optimizing those images to give users the best possible experience.

Eight Things to Consider Before Choosing a Website Font

April 18, 2018

Fonts and typography are important website design elements. Keep these eight considerations in mind before choosing a font for your site.

The Dynamic Website - Not Just a Pretty Face

September 28, 2017

Web designs that meet the user's demands can certainly be beautiful, but that beauty must be more than skin deep.

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