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What is a Mobile App?

Mobile Apps have become a common part of any mobile user’s vocabulary.  A Mobile App is a piece of software designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. These apps can be developed to run on specific mobile operating systems (called Native Apps), or to work on all devices (HTML5/Hybrid/Cross-Platform Apps).

They are usually available through application distribution platforms, like Apple's App Store.  They are downloaded directly on the user’s device, and do not necessarily require connection to the internet for their use.

Do I need a Mobile App?

At the end of 2011, there were 6 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide.  This is equivalent to 87% of the world population.

We live in an on-demand world, where the smartphone user wants information from their phone quickly and easily.  Mobile Apps are designed for users, and will provide them with the information they need without even connecting to the internet.

Northwoods can help you decide if you need a dedicated app, and if so, what kind of app you need. We can help with conceptualization, design, planning, deployment strategy, and ongoing maintenance planning.

Building a Robust Ecosystem

A well-made app does not live in a vacuum. Northwoods has the experience to create apps that are fed and maintained from outside the app – thus reducing the number of updates needed to keep the app up to date.  We can also provide a flexible push notification system which can keep users informed of new information, as well as track information on how effective the push notifications were.

Mobile app development extends far beyond the elements a user touches on the screen – Northwoods has the proven experience to help you develop your own app’s ecosystem.

Native and Cross-Platform

Some apps require the power and performance of native OS development. Northwoods develops native apps for iOS and Android to perform critical or complex work. Northwoods also develops apps in HTML5 – in which a single set of code can be used on different devices. We can help you determine which path is the correct for you and help you implement your project.

The type of work you are trying to accomplish, as well as your user base, will help determine which development platform is right for your app.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Mobile technology constantly changes. New technologies are introduced almost daily.  We are passionate about helping clients launch and maintain successful mobile platforms. To that end we invest a great deal of time in keeping up with trends and technology to better serve our clients. We are your partner for the long-haul.

Whether you are an established business or a startup we have a solution to your big problem using small screens.

Five Ways to NOT Develop Your Mobile App

Developing a mobile app? Process matters. To boost efficiency, make sure these items aren't on your to-do list.

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