Orphaned Software

What to do if your Software Vendor Goes out of Business

Startling discovery #1: Most companies that develop software don't stay in business too long and we're not sure why that is. We've been around since 1997, which makes us an anomaly.

Startling discovery #2: Since we're still operational, we've taken over a number of "orphaned software" packages.  Orphaned software is custom software that was written:

  • For a specific company
  • For a specific purpose
  • By a company that is now out of business

Here’s an Example

A few years ago, a now-loyal client paid $90k for another firm to write custom software to manage their sales campaigns. Shortly after writing the software, their vendor went out of business.

This client was in even worse shape than they were before they started. They spent $90k for buggy software that only worked some of the time and whose reports were semi-trustworthy.   Our contact's job was potentially at great risk.

Through lucky circumstances, the company found Northwoods.  We took over the code, fixed the bugs, and made substantial changes over time.  Today that company has:

  • Tripled their sales campaigns
  • Directly contacted 150,000 businesses
  • Increased their sales reps from 200 to 750
  • Increased sales by – well, that’s something they don’t want me to share. Enough to pay for the software over and over and over again.
Adopting Orphaned Software

Our method for taking over custom software is pretty simple, and it works.

  • Fix the bugs
  • Enhance the software
  • Improve the process
Sound Familiar?

We hope you are not struggling with orphaned software.  But if that is the case - or if your vendor is simply non-responsive - please contact us.  We can help.

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