User Interviews

User interviews collect and analyze data about likely customers. This research helps define target audiences.  

Defining target audiences gives Northwoods an opportunity to tailor a digital strategy to your audience, ensuring your message resonates with users you’re trying to reach. 

The Benefits of User Interviews

Increase Traffic

Who are you trying to influence? What are their online behaviors? Are they a valuable prospect? What is their decision-making process? Once you know your audiences, design strategies to engage with them.

Make Connections to Increase Conversions

Create content that meets the needs of your audience. Users are more likely to convert if they feel connected to your organization. 

Develop Specialized Engagement Tactics

Attract and retain customers by developing specialized engagement tactics aligning with audience behavior and preferences.

User Interviews = Custom Content = Higher Conversions. 

Northwoods Services

Our user interview research typically includes:
  • Employee and customer interviews
  • Internal focus groups

Typically, audiences can be broken into four groups:  browsers, evaluators, transactors, and customers.  We offer strategies for engaging each group, but usually focus on evaluators.

Evaluators might be a minority of your site traffic, but are most likely to convert. Evaluators ask “Do you understand what I need? Can I get it from you?”  They research and compare options.  Evaluators turn into customers if you satisfy their needs. Northwoods audience profile services help you effectively communicate how you meet their needs.  

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