CelticMKE (formerly known as Irishfest) is about sharing Celtic history and culture with people in greater Milwaukee, and all over the world. CelticMKE is home to a number of Celtic programs, cultural heritage projects, and events. The Ward Irish Music Archives has the world’s largest collection of Irish, Irish American, and Celtic music recordings.


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Project Overview

Irishfest was known for being both an organization AND an event, creating confusion when the organization was trying to promote all of their programs and services to the community year-round. Most people only knew of them as a “four-day festival every August.” Northwoods developed a digital strategy to create an “umbrella” site for the organization to serve as both an informational hub for lovers of Celtic-American culture and a portal to all of their digital properties. The website launch corresponded with their rebranding efforts, allowing users seeking information about Irishfest to visit for specific festival information and lovers of Irish/Celtic-American culture to visit the new

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