Heartland Advisors

Heartland Advisors, known as America's Value Investor, is a boutique, employee-owned investment firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with approximately $5.3 billion in assets under management.

Heartland Advisors

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Project Overview

Heartland recently launched an enhanced version of their mobile-friendly site. The site features data automation whereby financial statistics throughout the site are updated automatically from live feeds that Titan CMS consumes, eliminating the need for this information to be updated manually, saving hundreds of hours of time annually. In addition, Heartland has gated, password protected content. All users can see the teaser text related to the articles content. If users want to access this, they can register to see this content upon Heartlands consent. Once registered, they simply click the headline, provide credentials, and view the content. This prevents users from having to register before consuming any content on the site.

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